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An impressive, elegant and timeless wall lamp made of stained glass, giving a beautiful, warm light. Inspirations: Art Nouveau, Art Deco.

designed by Edward Magdziarz

realization: Magedi Art Studio


material: the highest quality stained glass called Spectrum

color: white or ecru (or any other or a combination of different colors on request)

base / ferrule: patinated brass (it can be chrome-plated for an additional fee, or it may not be subjected to the patination process and then it will obtain a golden color - the color of brass)

dimensions: 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm, L42 cm, H of the entire lamp 38 cm


  • The lamp is made of the highest quality hand-melted and hand-colored glass called SPECTRUM. The overhang and the headliner or the base (depending on the model) are made of patinated brass (dark color), which can be chrome-plated (silver) for an additional fee, or (on request) may not be patinated (gold, color brass)

    Lamps from our studio are timeless items of museum value, made of noble and ecological materials.

    Lamps from the Magedi Art Studio enjoy international fame. They have been awarded many times (gold medal at the Spoletto Art Festival) and distinguished. During the World Exhibition in Seville, they represented Poland alongside the works of Franciszek Starowieyski and Jerzy Duda-Gracz. Many of them are in private and museum collections all over the world (eg the Secession Museum in Płock).

  • Czas na odstąpienie od umowy:14 dni

    Koszt zwrotu: na własny koszt.

    Adres do zwrotu

    magedi edward magdziarz

    Ulica Jagielońska 52 

    03-463 Warszawa

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