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A beautiful, very effective and elegant stained glass lamp with beautiful proportions and drawing. The lamp, due to the highest quality stained glass from which it is made, gives a beautiful, delicate, "soft" and romantic light. It will be an excellent decoration of both Art Nouveau and classic interiors as well as very modern and austere, and as a color point in monochrome interiors e.g. white)

realization: Magedi Art Studio

Diffuser: stained glass

hardware: patinated brass (it can be chrome-plated for an additional fee, or it may not be subjected to the patination process and then it will obtain a golden color - the color of brass)

- dimensions
shade diameter: 37cm
Shade height: 24cm
The height of the entire lamp: 160cm


  • Czas na odstąpienie od umowy:14 dni

    Koszt zwrotu: na własny koszt.

    Adres do zwrotu

    magedi edward magdziarz

    Ulica Jagielońska 52 

    03-463 Warszawa

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