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a spectacular and elegant lamp in pure art deco style, made of the highest quality stained glass. It gives an extremely pleasant, warm, romantic light. There is no limit to the bulb wattage. Inspirations: art deco, interiors from the "Poirot" series.

The lamp shade is made of the highest quality hand-melted and hand-colored glass, and the fittings are made of patinated brass

Lamps from this manufacturer's art studio are timeless items of museum value, made of noble and ecological materials.

lampshade dimensions: 33cm
lamp height: 42cm

shade color: ecru (or white) + cognac (or other combination on request)

designed by Edward Magdziarz

realization: Magedi Art Studio

KELIA (desktop)

  • Czas na odstąpienie od umowy:14 dni

    Koszt zwrotu: na własny koszt.

    Adres do zwrotu

    magedi edward magdziarz

    Ulica Jagielońska 52 

    03-463 Warszawa

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