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Design lamp made of stained glass. Inspirations: modernism, avant-garde, art deco. The lamp gives a beautiful, atmospheric light.

designed by Edward Magdziarz

realization: Magedi Art Studio


material: stained glass

color: white or ecru (or any other or a combination of different colors on request)

base / ferrule: patinated brass (it can be chrome-plated for an additional fee, or it may not be subjected to the patination process and then it will obtain a golden color - the color of brass)


Polish lamp / Polish art / Polish handicraft / stained glass lamp / large art deco lamp / living room lamp / palace lamp / hotel lamp / elegant lamp / modernism Polish lamp / glass lamp / living room lamp / palace lamp / boho glamor lamp / art deco interiors / glamor interiors / timeless lamp / stylish lamp / twenties lamp / lamp giving magic light / Magedi lamp


  • Time for withdrawal: 14 days

    Return cost: at your own expense.

    Address for return

    magedi edward magdziarz


    03-731 Warsaw

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